Big Dog Finger Bite Game

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Create excitement for parties! Make everyone nervous!

This dog guards its bones with its fearsome mouth. You won't know which one wakes him up. It's a new one every time. Get close, and press them one by one.
Consider carefully before pressing. If you are wrong, the dog will wake up and Lunge at you with his big mouth! But don't worry, it is completely safe as it doesn't actually bite you. The person who wakes the dog loses.

The teeth of the dog are smooth. They will not hurt your fingers.

Perfect for all age groups. (Especially Kids)

Key Features

  • Multiplayer - Many players can play at a time.
  • All age groups - Great for Birthday Parties and Office games alike.
  • Easy Installation - No batteries are required. Just twist the dog's neck and push it back into a sitting position.
  • Safe and Secure - The dog doesn't actually bite you. It just scares!

Package includes

  • 1 X Big Dog Finger Bite Game

Single colour available - Brown