Drinking Roulette Party Game

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If you are going to have a party and want to give a different word at night, why not try Spinning roulette drinking game. Based on a roulette wheel, simply turn the center, add the ball, and drink from the numbered shot glass on which it falls.
Each glass corresponds to two or three different numbers, therefore hard drinkers can keep the filling longer making it more interesting

The ideal drinking game for an booze soaked, braining teasing evening of fun!

Key Features: 

  • Fill the shot glasses, put them in the rim, place your bets and spin. The winner drinks! Great gift idea for 21st birthday party
  • Everything in the set is crafted with quality in mind to last through many years of parties. Made from premium quality, non-toxic materials.
  • Perfect Size -The roulette wheel measures 12 inches in diameter to fit on any table
  • Ideal for casino night at a party. Great gifting idea.


Roulette Spinner

Features a golden 5.36” diameter roulette spinner that features spaces 0 through 36 that provide a wide array of possible outcomes for each spin. This is the same number of spaces on a real casino roulette wheel.

Shot Glasses

Includes 16 expertly crafted real glass shot glasses. Each glass holds 1 fluid ounce of liquid and is banded with a color and numbers that correspond to a possible landing ball pocket on the roulette spinner.

Roulette Balls

Includes two polished 0.34” stainless steel balls. The balls are perfectly round to give a nice long roll time with each spin.


This shot drinking game is strictly for adults!


Package Contains:

  • 1 x Spinning roulette wheel;
  • 2 x metal balls;
  • 16 shot glasses