Smartivity | STEM Learner | Magnetic Hockey (Learning & Educational DIY Kit) for Ages 8+

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Magnetic Hockey combines the fun of air hockey with the concepts and magic of magnets.

How to Play:

Follow the instructions in the manual to build the toy. Once built, aim and strike the puck with your striker to master the perfect shot. Mind the walls because they will deviate and repel the puck! Score in 1 shot and be called the master of magnetic hockey.

What's in the Box:

No Tools, No Mess - A sheet with parts made of reengineered Pine Wood. We make sure that the parts are free of splinters which means it’s safe for your child. It is 100% eco-friendly with no glue. We use Elastic Bands to support the parts together.

Illustrated Instruction Manual - The kit comes with a Richly Illustrated, Easy-To-Understand Instruction Manual with Big, Clear Images. It helps your child understand each and every step without any difficulty

Learner Activities - This sheet helps and motivates your child to play with the toy in the best way possible. It also explains all the STEAM concepts your child will learn while playing.

What does the Child Learn:

Magnetism: Magnetism is an invisible force caused by the unique properties of certain materials. In magnets, the molecules are uniquely arranged so that their electrons spin in the same direction.

Collision: Collision is short-duration interaction between two or more than two bodies, simultaneously causing change in motion of bodies involved due to internal forces acting between them during this.

Momentum: Momentum refers to the quantity of motion that an object has. A sports team that is on the move has momentum. Momentum can be defined as mass in motion.

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