Telescope 600F50

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600F50 telescope is ideal choice for families looking for an affordable and high quality telescope that will provide many hours of enjoyment for children and adults alike.
Quick and easy to set up.
This is a great way for parents to give thier kids their first glimpse of lunar craters, star clusters.
This is perfect for scenic overland viewing.
The telescope contains 3x Barlow Lens which triples the magnifying power of each eye piece.

Technical Specifications

 Optical Design : Refractor
 Type : Galilean
 Aperture (mm) : 50 mm (2 inch)
 Focal Length (mm) : 600 mm (20 inch)
 Resolution : 2.32 sec.
 Highest Magnification : 300X
 Eyepieces : 0.965" H6mm, H20mm
 Finder Scope : 5 x 24
 Tripod : Full size
 Colour : Black
 Accessories : Diagonal mirror
3X Barlow lens